Conqueror's Blade - Beta Test soon!

Conqueror's Blade is an Epic warfare 3D PC game developed by Booming through their in house engine CHAOS. The game mirrors medieval history which will surely give epic warfare gameplay experience to players.

Conqueror’s Blade is a multiplayer medieval warfare game. When East and West collide, those caught in the clash of civilizations must fight for survival. Conquest will become the path to salvation. From all corners of the known world, great armies will stake their claim for supremacy. Heroes will rise, alliances will be forged, and empires will fall.

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九阴真经- Live Stream!

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Age of Wushu 2 - Ways of learning martial arts skill

Age of Wushu Fight Scene (Not the actual Age of Wushu 2)

There are several ways to achieve martial art skills:

1. When you defeat an NPC, the NPC will give you script.

2. The Player and NPC’s Wuxia Relationship System: learn to please NPC and you will get script from them similar to the NPCs in Rare Encounter situations.

3. Master and Apprenticeship with NPC: you can be NPC’s apprentice. He will perform martial art moves for you to learn, the player needs to lock onto the target. Once your learning xp is fulfilled, the skill is yours.

4. In any situation, A NPC can naturally practice or perform martial art moves by himself. The player can learn the skill from him by sneaking up and peeking at him, along with using some items or other methods to support the learning progress. The player needs to be very careful not to alert the NPC because NPC has sense of hearing and vision. If the NPC is on alert, the learning process would fail.

5. Observing on animal species without alerting it.

6. Peeking at other players who are currently in a duel.  

7. Players can construct a building as a place to teach martial arts to other players.   (Players cannot create martial art on his own
-In Age of Wushu 2, you can challenge NPC's and even learn from them! They're not just a DESIGN in game anymore! :D

Credits: Magics Ren
Source: TDK International Guild

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